Tradition & modernity

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Due to the fact that the same Family has been running Château de Malle for more than three centuries, the terroir and the way to wirk with is very well known: the very best way to use it, to make the best grapes.

And of course in the meantime in caring of in the respect of the environment.

The winegrowing and winemaking process combines tradition and technology : in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Moreover, the technology brings not only a better respect of th vines, but also a greater quality of the grapes when they come to the winemaking process.

Wine tastings and blendings are more and more precise thanks to R&D. This allowed to down significantly the use of sulfites in order to get much better flavours and aromas.

Finally, the stategic choice of sustainable agriculture has been made to protect the environment, and to give a better land for the future generation. And of course,  a proof of quality for the consumer.