A family

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The Comtes de Bournazel family has been living in the region of Bordeaux since the beginning of the 17th century. At that time, Jacques de Malle built the the Château de Malle.

All along the history, a lot of famous people such as Jacques de Malle, President of the PArliament of Bordeaux ; then Pierre de Malle, councelor of the King Louis the 14th ; and Henri de Bournazel, so called "le Cavalier Rouge", hero of the pacification of Morocco.

The story of the family is deeply linked to the story of the Castle.

In this beautiful property, from generation to generation, all the people are working for the passion of vines and wines, as well as the culture of the french Art de Vivre.

After the death of the Comte de Bournazel in 1985, her wife Madame la Comtesse run the Domain with elegance. Madame la Comtesse is helped some years after by his sons : Paul-Henry, Antoine and Charles. Paul-Henry has been living in Château de Malle since 1996, and manages the estate.

In 1999, the family bought the Chateau Pessan, a nice estate located in the center of the village of Portets, in the Graves area.